Investment Management

At Kanaly, designing sound investment portfolios begins with an in-depth exploration of your current financial condition and your goals for the future. Through the preparation of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), we work with you to quantify and outline your risk profile, time horizon, liquidity needs and other objectives that are specific to your situation. Your policy statement will provide governance to us as we manage your assets.

Our Philosophy

We work to understand the unique needs of each client and apply our time-tested experience to achieve their goals.

Key components of this investment philosophy include:

Open Architecture Platform

We believe in utilizing a wide array of strategies, asset classes and dedicated specialist managers to diversify risk while maximizing long-term returns.

Institutional Quality Investment Solutions

We deliver institutional quality investment solutions customized to the objectives of each individual client.

Long-Term Capital Accumulation

We understand the importance of limiting downside losses to maximize the long-term compounding of capital.

No Fees Or Commissions

We act in the best interest of our clients and do not receive any fees or commissions from any investment product we recommend.

Managing Family Assets

We appreciate the importance of managing family assets with a broad understanding of their lives and changing circumstances.

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Strategy & Policy

Kanaly’s investment framework includes a full array of policy and liquidity options to satisfy individual client objectives and risk preferences. In some cases, portfolios will be constructed with only fully liquid options, while other portfolios may include some combination of fully liquid, partially liquid and illiquid options.


- Tax Exempt Bonds
- Taxable Bonds

- Global
- U.S.
- Non-U.S. Developed
- Non-U.S. Emerging

- Natural Resources Equities
- Commodities

Portfolio Management Implementation

We use a full array of tools to implement our strategy and policy views.

Third-Party Investment Managers

Active and Passive Strategies

  • Traditional Asset Classes
  • Liquid Alternatives
  • Traditional Asset Classes
  • Liquid Alternatives
  • Equity
  • Tax-Exempt Fixed Income
  • Taxable Fixed Income
  • Unified Managed Accounts (Tax Overlay)
  • Hedge Fund Strategies
  • Private Equity
  • Real Assets