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06.27 2014

Drew Kanaly on FOX Business – Stocks to Watch: CVS, ABT

On Tuesday, Jun. 24, 2014 – Kanaly Trust Chairman Drew Kanaly shared his insight on the opportunities in the markets for investors. Watch Drew’s Segment On-Demand Disclosures This material represents an assessment of the market environment at a specific point in time and is not intended to be a forecast of future events, or a guarantee…

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06.25 2014

How Doctors Can Manage Debt

As a doctor, you typically have a lucrative compensation package, but with today’s demanding healthcare industry, you have little time to concentrate on your own financial affairs. At times, this can cause debt to accumulate. Doctors and Debt As a doctor, you tend to accumulate a large amount of debt because of your long, costly…

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06.18 2014

The Basics of Deferred Compensation

With deferred compensation one of the most common executive perks, it is important to understand the basics behind the benefits and the importance of how they should be invested where options are made available. The Basics of Deferred Compensation Deferred compensation plans are considered non-qualified and, therefore, do not have nondiscrimination requirements. There is no limit…

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06.16 2014

May 2014 Market Commentary

Economic Backdrop Economic growth showed measured improvement globally, and inflation stayed below target in most regions. As a result, central banks remained committed to accommodative policies with additional stimulus measures varying by region. In the U.S., the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) continued a planned reduction in the size of its bond purchase program in…

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06.11 2014

A Guide to Fiduciary Responsibility

People often appoint fiduciaries and accept fiduciary roles as executors, trustees, guardians of minors, and corporate board directors without carefully considering all the personal, financial, legal and emotional ramifications. From our experience serving as a fiduciary and helping people determine their needs, we believe it’s good to seek professional counsel in identifying and naming fiduciaries, obtaining…

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06.04 2014

Smart Tax Planning: How Your Vacation Property Can Provide Savings

As property values around the country continue to recover, many families now list their primary residence and vacation homes among their most valuable assets. As such, these homes may be excellent candidates for beneficial estate planning techniques. One of the more straightforward of these techniques is the use of a Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT)….

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05.28 2014

Benefits of Establishing a Family Foundation

Americans are very charitable people; private philanthropy is growing at approximately 29 percent each year. Millions of dollars are given for human and environmental needs, medical research and facilities, and scholarships and endowments for education. Benefits of a Private Family Foundation The private family foundation is an excellent way for a family to take part…

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