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07.09 2015

Thoughts From Our Chief Investment Officer, James Shelton, CFA, CAIA

In a hastily called referendum held Sunday, July 5th, the Greek people voted overwhelmingly to reject the latest bailout proposal from European authorities.  This “NO” vote surprised most financial market participants, and this morning the Wall Street Journal warned that investors should expect a “rough ride” in Monday trading.  While European equities ended the day…

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06.30 2015

James Shelton Featured on ThinkAdvisor – 4 Experts Talk Greece

Vanguard’s Davis, BlackRock’s Koesterich and more commented on Greece’s debt crisis and what it could mean for investors It’s what every investor is talking about: Greece. On Tuesday, four market experts around the U.S. each commented on Greece’s debt crisis and what it could mean for investors. It’s been a swift downfall of events leading to Greece…

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06.01 2015

Using Mid-Year Tax Projections in Investment Planning

As mid-year approaches, it is important to do various tax projections to determine if certain investment planning strategies can be implemented or improved. Often, this reveals potential tax liability reductions that would have otherwise been overlooked. Maximize Retirement Account Contributions When it comes to tax planning, it is important to contribute the maximum annual amount…

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05.21 2015

April 2015 Market Commentary

The U.S. – In April, it was the old “bad news is good news” refrain as market participants reacted to the initial reading of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).  The 1st quarter initial GDP reading came in at .2%, which was well below the 4th quarter’s 2.2% rate. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis…

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05.04 2015

Drew Kanaly Interview on CNBC Power Lunch

Power play: Sell and buy in May U.S. stock gains pushing the market back to record levels Monday, on some corporate earnings standouts and encouraging signs of a manufacturing comeback. The much-refrained Wall Street expression, “Sell in May and go away,” a warning for investors to liquidate stocks this month to avoid a summer slide,…

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05.01 2015

First Quarter 2015 Market Commentary

Global central-bank activity reached a crescendo early in the first quarter as currency volatility and diminishing price pressures invited a broad reorientation of policy stances. Aside from the European Central Bank (ECB), however, major central banks largely held firm. The U.S. Federal Open Market Committee maintained a near-zero interest rate, but removed its pledge for…

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03.12 2015

Februrary 2015 Market Commentary

In February, we continued to watch the major central banks maintain very accommodative monetary policies. The Bank of Japan voted mid-month in favor of continuing with near-zero interest rates and asset- purchases at an ¥80 trillion annual pace. The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee’s voted unanimously to maintain a low benchmark interest rate, whereas recent votes were split and, in the Eurozone, finance ministers reached a temporary resolution on a Greek aid program by granting Greece a four-month extension.

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02.24 2015

January 2015 Market Commentary

Fixed-income market performance was mixed during January with Investment-grade U.S. corporate debt turning in the best performance, followed by U.S. Treasury Securities and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. U.S. asset- and mortgage-backed securities, performed well and U.S. high-yield debt delivered a firmly positive performance. Unhedged global debt occupied negative territory again amid ongoing dollar strength. As a…

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02.11 2015

Building Personal Wealth: 10 Questions to Ask When Setting Goals

In many ways, effective personal wealth building is similar to corporate planning. For instance, it’s important to start by setting measurable short-, mid-, and long-term goals. Short-term goals may include: Family vacation Second home purchase Lifestyle purchases such as a boat or high-end vehicle Funding a child’s education Mid-term goals may include any of the…

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02.04 2015

Creating a Road Map for Building Your Personal Wealth

Executive compensation can include dozens of components, from salary and incentive plans, to stock options, stock appreciation rights, and performance units. Due to regulations and changing circumstances within a company, arrangements may continually evolve for better or for worse. Meanwhile, executives often have the option to make complex, high-impact elections and decisions regarding their benefits…

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