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11.19 2012

Brief Market Thoughts – November 16, 2012

Since Election Day, the S&P 500 is off 5%, just a little market correction (so far).  Most attribute this decline to worries over the “fiscal cliff.”  If you listen to the media, you would think the market is down much more than 5%.  Below is a chart to point out the market reaction around the…

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11.14 2012

October 2012 Market Commentary

Economy The pace of positive economic momentum remained strong in October as a string of encouraging data points came in above consensus expectations. The September jobs report, released in early October, saw the unemployment rate fall dramatically from 8.1% to 7.8%. The nonfarm payroll survey reported a gain of 114,000 jobs.  This was the 24th…

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11.07 2012

Election Implications

Yesterday’s election resulted in no major change to the current leadership in Washington.  President Obama won with just over 50% of the vote, the slimmest margin ever for a re-election, but won a sizable 332 electoral votes (270 needed to win).  Democrats continue to control the Senate and are likely to expand their advantage to…

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10.22 2012

September Market Commentary

Economy The pace of negative economic data slowed in the third quarter, indicating that data levels for major economic reports remain on the weaker side but are beginning to post more in line with consensus expectations. Labor markets and the housing sector are two areas that continue to receive increasingly positive news.  Housing in particular…

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10.22 2012

James Shelton on Bloomberg Radio

On October 16, James Shelton appeared live on Bloomberg Radio to share his market outlook and investment insights.  James weighed in on earnings season thus far and urged investors to choose wisely as growth will be difficult to come by moving into 2013.  He explained that larger companies can produce a solid cash flow and recommended…

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10.09 2012

Kanaly Trust to Enter Partnership with Lovell Minnick

HOUSTON, October 9, 2012 – Kanaly Trust, LTA (“Kanaly Trust”) and Lovell Minnick Partners LLC (“Lovell Minnick”) are pleased to announce that Lovell Minnick has agreed to acquire Kanaly Trust, a leading independent trust company providing comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services to families, individuals and estates. Kanaly Trust has offered independent investment advice…

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09.19 2012

August 2012 Market Commentary

In August bad news for the economy was good news for equity markets as investors interpreted weak economic data points as a reassurance of more easing from global central banks. Equity markets were broadly positive while credit markets remained flat.  Volume was low as seasonality and directional uncertainty forced many investors to the sidelines.  The…

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08.14 2012

July 2012 Market Commentary

July was another volatile month in equity and credit markets.  Weakness dominated much of the time period; however a late surge pushed returns into positive territory across most asset classes. Economy The third quarter began in mixed fashion for the domestic economy with positive news from the labor markets offset by weakening retail sales.  The…

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07.23 2012

Thoughts on Recent Market Volatility

n light of the recent market volatility, we thought we would share some thoughts on the causes. Global stock markets fell as the European debt crisis worsened with Spanish bond yields reaching Euro-era record highs.  In addition, investors continue to be concerned with the slowdown in China. U.S. stocks are currently suffering smaller declines of 1.5%…

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