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Heather Barkley

Investment Specialist

Heather Barkley

Heather’s primary focus is the implementation of investment strategies for client portfolios, portfolio rebalancing and executing trades. She utilizes multiple reporting tools to monitor and manage cash inflows and outflows and to monitor individual portfolios’ deviation from their stated investment objective. She is responsible for maintaining strategy allocations within managed portfolios, while also addressing client cash needs.

Heather has over thirteen years of industry experience and joined Kanaly Trust in 2013 as an Investment Specialist. The majority of Heather’s experience is from AIM Investments (now Invesco), where she helped supervise Operations for the Transfer Agent. She also has extensive experience with Broker/Dealer operations, RIA practice management and advisory fee billing.

Heather received her education at Houston Community College. She is also a frequent volunteer for the Society for Financial Awareness, a local non-profit focusing on financial education.

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