Frequently Asked Questions

What is KanalyVault?

KanalyVault is our financial planning software application. As a client of Kanaly Trust, you will have the option of using this tool to view and track all of your investment accounts, monitor your spending habits, maintain records of all of your loyalty programs, store important documents on a secure cloud based storage system and much more, all through one simple application.

Can I view my accounts online?

Yes. From the website, select Kanaly Client Resources. One of the options in that menu is, “Not Registered? Start Here.” By selecting that option, you will provide a few key pieces of information that will begin your interaction with our help desk. Once your request for access has been authenticated, you will receive your log in information to view your accounts.

What if I lock myself out of KanalyVault?

Anyone on your Kanaly relationship team can help you reset your password. Simply give your dedicated team a call or drop us an email and we will begin work to re-establish your access.

I have online access but I do not see all of my accounts listed, what is the problem?

Due to different tax ID numbers for family members, trust accounts, family partnerships, etc., we have found that occasionally one or more accounts will not automatically link to your online access. This is a minor issue to resolve; please let us know if this happens to you and we will resolve the matter promptly.

Can I opt out of receiving paper statements?

Absolutely. Once you are logged in to the Kanaly Client website, there are two pathways available to make the election. You can select the “Accounts” tab, then “Documents,” next select “Statements.” You should see “Delivery Method” listed at the top of that page. You can simply opt for E-Delivery by selecting the “E-deliver all documents” option. Alternately, you can reach the same pathway through the “Profile” option on the top right side of your landing page.

Your statements are too long and way too detailed; can I get a less complicated account statement?

Yes. We currently have two statement options:

  • Your detailed report: This statement shows every activity in detail. The information is great, but it can be a little overwhelming.
  • Your summary report: This report may be a better option for regular ongoing review of assets and an activity summary. Even when you select this report as your preference on a monthly or quarterly basis, we are required to send you or make available to you electronically a detailed report at least annually.

What do I do if I have problems logging in to view my accounts, statements or tax forms?

Kanaly has a dedicated client technology help desk. You can reach the help desk at 713-561-9320 or 1-888-452-6259.

Does Kanaly only handle trust accounts?

No. Kanaly manages all sorts of accounts for individual clients and their families. While serving as trustee is certainly part of our business, the biggest component of our business is investment management.

Where is Kanaly located?

We are located at 5555 San Felipe, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77056, near the Houston Galleria.

Does Kanaly only serve Houston-area clients?

Kanaly serves clients in Houston, across the state of Texas, and around the world, and has been doing so since 1975.

What is the daily cutoff time for requesting a disbursement?

Cash held in client accounts are in money market accounts. In order to liquidate money market holdings to meet your distribution needs, we must have instructions from you prior to 11 a.m.