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08.27 2014

Where Should Retirees Focus Their Retirement Planning?

Planning for retirement, much less considering retirement, can be a challenge and may seem rather daunting. After a comfortable 30- or 40-year long career, it’s only natural to hesitate and think about the concerns and fears of what might lie ahead in your retirement. It is only natural to approach this time in life with…

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08.20 2014

Wealth Management for Corporate Executives

Corporate Executives face a unique set of challenges as they relate to wealth management. As a result of your dedication to your company and the time constraints involved in having a full calendar and a busy travel schedule, you may not have given the necessary time and attention to managing your own financial affairs. While…

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08.06 2014
Building Your Wealth

How Professionals Can Build Financial Wealth

One of the unique features associated with being a professional is that much of the value of your vocation comes from you. Your specific abilities, your clients and your ability to work are quite valuable in generating a significant annual cash flow for your efforts. Cash flow each year may be very high but the…

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07.23 2014

4 Choices Every Business Owner Must Face

As a business owner, you face a unique set of issues. In most cases, the majority of your net worth and your entire income stream may be tied to your company. After working so hard to build your business and as you approach retirement age, you may ask the question – now that I am…

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07.21 2014

Third Quarter 2014 Investment Outlook and Strategy Conference Call – Replay

The Kanaly Trust Third Quarter 2014 Investment Outlook and Strategy Conference Call took place on July 17, 2014. Key points of the conversation included: U.S./Global economy continues to show moderate growth Coming end to extraordinary monetary stimulus Extremely low volatility and high complacency among investors Small cap stocks are underperforming Re-emergence of European risks (Portugal)…

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07.16 2014

How to Use Mid-Year Tax Projections in Investment Planning

Mid-year tax planning is important for various tax projections to determine if certain investment planning strategies can be implemented or improved. Often, this reveals potential tax liability reductions that would have otherwise been overlooked. Maximize Retirement Account Contributions When it comes to tax planning, it is important to contribute the maximum annual amount allowed to…

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07.15 2014

2nd Quarter 2014 Market Commentary

Economic Backdrop The second quarter played host to balancing acts between accommodative central bank actions and transparency about future courses of action. In the U.S., the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced a reduction in the size of its bond purchase program to a monthly total of $35 billion starting in July. The $15 billion…

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07.09 2014

How to Evaluate an Executive Job Offer

More so than in recent years, economic strength has resulted in a relatively competitive job market andtalented executives are in high demand. When a new job opportunity is presented, candidates are forced to weigh their options. They benchmark the potential position with their current position and compare their responsibilities. How do they differ? How are…

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06.25 2014

How Doctors Can Manage Debt

As a doctor, you typically have a lucrative compensation package, but with today’s demanding healthcare industry, you have little time to concentrate on your own financial affairs. At times, this can cause debt to accumulate. Doctors and Debt As a doctor, you tend to accumulate a large amount of debt because of your long, costly…

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