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01.29 2013

Drew Kanaly on Fox Business “Markets Overdue for a Correction?”

On January 23, Drew Kanaly offered his market outlook and weighed in on the possibility of a pullback. Kanaly explained that technically speaking the market should be due for a correction unless fundamentals continue to remain strong.  Kanaly Trust suggests investing in global equities such as emerging markets and to avoid long maturity fixed-income. Watch…

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10.22 2012

James Shelton on Bloomberg Radio

On October 16, James Shelton appeared live on Bloomberg Radio to share his market outlook and investment insights.  James weighed in on earnings season thus far and urged investors to choose wisely as growth will be difficult to come by moving into 2013.  He explained that larger companies can produce a solid cash flow and recommended…

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08.19 2011

Risk Trade Back On?

On August 17, Drew Kanaly returned to CNBC to discuss the risk trade in today’s market. Drew elaborated on the recent low levels of market volatility as well as the declining dollar and what this means for investors. He believes that now is absolutely the time to be ultra-diversified and to move your portfolio away…

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07.26 2011

Wall Street Focusing on Earnings, Not Debt?

Yesterday, Drew Kanaly appeared on Fox Business to discuss earnings season and the debt ceiling. Drew joined host, Neil Cavuto, to discuss how important the success of this year’s earnings season is in relation to the debt ceiling. He explained that Wall Street is focused on money making deals and two-thirds of all reported corporate…

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07.19 2011

Protecting Your Portfolio

Yesterday, Drew Kanaly returned to CNBC to discuss concerns about the debt ceiling. Drew offered his thoughts in regard to the debt ceiling and how investors can protect their portfolios during these volatile times. He discussed gold as it continues to reach record highs, suggested avoiding long-term treasuries and confirmed that Kanaly Trust is ultra-diversified…

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07.18 2011

Google’s 2Q Earnings a Good Sign for Technology Sector

On July 14, James Shelton appeared on Fox Business to weigh in on earnings season and the continued success of Google. Most well-diversified portfolios have some exposure to technology and higher than expected 2Q earnings are “a very good sign for the technology sector going forward,” James explained during the segment. In addition, he is confident…

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06.23 2011

What is the Impact of a Potential Greek Default?

What is the impact of a potential Greek default? Kanaly Trust CEO Drew Kanaly was a guest on Fox Business on Tuesday to discuss how the debt crisis facing Greece could impact the markets in the United States. Drew also shared strategies being employed by Kanaly Trust to protect clients. Watch the segment. Disclosures This…

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