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05.21 2014

Financial Planning for a Child with Special Needs

Before becoming a parent, most people likely have preconceived notions about the timeframe and natural transition of a child into adulthood. A family who is providing care and establishing a long-term financial plan for a child with special needs may realize that all of the rules that they planned on have changed. These families may…

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05.15 2014

Financially Responsible College Students: Is Your Child Ready?

The beginning of your child’s college experience can be exciting, challenging and a bit scary – all at the same time. In moving away, your student will be adjusting to a new atmosphere, new friends and a substantial lifestyle change. With all of the changes that will occur, it may be easy to forget about the additional financial…

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04.16 2014

Transferring Your Wisdom and Wealth

Successfully transferring wealth to your heirs is a challenging but priceless undertaking. It is the result of careful, thoughtful planning and should not be taken lightly. As we work with our clients to craft their estate plans, we face many challenges together. The following are some of the more important things to consider while making…

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04.09 2014

Spring Your Retirement Plan Into Action

We work our way through the seasons, longing for the carefree days of spring, when friends and family invite us to slow down, relax, and play. Whether sailing, swaying in a hammock, or chasing a little white ball down an emerald green fairway, spring is life’s dress rehearsal for retirement. Spring vacations transport us to…

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04.02 2014

How to Successfully Plan a Family Business Transition

Succession planning can be an uncomfortable subject to address, but it is an incredibly important priority for any family-run business. Unfortunately, fewer than 20 percent of our country’s family businesses engage counsel of any kind to assist them with succession planning, while over one-third of our nation’s businesses are forecasting a succession event within the…

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02.11 2014

What is a Trust?

A Brief History of Trusts In the years of the Crusades, the Crusaders often left their property to be used and protected by somebody while they were off fighting in the Crusades. This situation was often referred to as the “use.” Later, the word “trust” came into being because, after all, the question arose as…

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03.25 2011

How to Lend to Family Members

Transferring or loaning assets to your family and future heirs can become a challenging situation. Careful, thoughtful planning should be at the forefront of any family transaction and should not be taken lightly. Today, Drew Kanaly offers his thoughts on’s “Prism Money” blog and suggests strategies for wealthy families to consider when loaning money…

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